Get a clearer front view with our selection of premium windshields. Crafted for the XP and ADV models, these windshields provide exceptional protection against wind, rain, dust, and debris. Whether you're carving through trails or cruising on open roads, enjoy a more comfortable and controlled ride. These windshields boast durable construction, often featuring DOT-approved safety glass or scratch-resistant polycarbonate. Many come with features like adjustable vents for airflow and a sleek, powder-coated aluminum frame for a stylish touch. Upgrade your Polaris Xpedition today!

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Factors To Consider When Shopping For Polaris Xpedition Windshields

Here are some key factors to keep in mind


Windshields are typically made from DOT-approved safety glass or scratch-resistant polycarbonate. Glass offers superior optical clarity and durability, while polycarbonate is lighter and more impact-resistant. Consider your riding style and the type of terrain you typically encounter. If scratch resistance is a priority, a hard-coated windshield offers superior protection against branches and flying debris.

Height and Coverage

The height of the windshield significantly impacts wind protection and comfort. Choose a height that deflects wind and debris above your helmet while maintaining good visibility. Full coverage windshields offer maximum protection, while half windshields provide a more open-air feel.

Venting & Tinted Options

If you plan on riding in hot or dusty conditions, a windshield with adjustable vents is crucial. Vents allow for airflow circulation, preventing fogging and keeping you cool.Tinted windshields reduce glare and eye strain, especially during long rides or in bright sunshine. The level of tint can vary, so choose one that balances comfort with maintaining good visibility.

Compatibility & Versatility

Ensure the windshield you choose is specifically designed for your Polaris Xpedition model (XP or ADV). Proper fit is essential for optimal protection and a clean look. Some windshields are designed for quick attachment and removal, allowing you to adapt to changing weather conditions. Others might integrate seamlessly with existing hardtops or roofs on your UTV.

Features & Aesthetics

Some windshields offer extras like wiper blades for maintaining clear vision in the rain or integrated defrosting systems for battling cold weather. Consider your riding needs and preferences when evaluating these options. Windshields come in various styles and finishes, including clear, tinted, and smoked options. Consider a windshield that complements the overall look of your Polaris Xpedition. You can get a full windshield if you want maximum protection. A full windshield shields you from wind, rain, dust, and flying debris. Perfect for year-round riding and tackling challenging trails.