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Introducing the all New 2024 Polaris Xpedition- The Game has changed!

Polaris introduces its all-new adventure side-by-side brand, the Polaris XPEDITION. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, this vehicle offers a highly adaptable configuration. With over 100 innovative accessories, modular folding seats, and unique storage solutions, it ensures users are always prepared for any adventure. The XPEDITION promises comfort across all seasons with its customizable enclosed cab, featuring heat and AC control. For a seamless journey, it comes equipped with FOX® suspension, GPS mapping from RIDE COMMAND, and top-tier JBL® Audio. Built for off-road prowess, it's designed to go beyond regular trailheads into the backcountry, boasting an unparalleled range, capabilities to navigate obstacles, and power to tackle technical terrains. The Polaris XPEDITION is also versatile in its application, making it ideal for activities like camping, mountain biking, kayaking, hunting, and fishing. The RIDE COMMAND system enhances the off-road experience, allowing users to discover new trails, engage in group rides, and plan their adventures effectively. With an emphasis on environmental stewardship, Polaris collaborates with the National Forest Foundation to champion nature conservation.

About Everything Polaris Xpedition

Welcome to Everything Polaris Xpedition, the definitive online hub for Polaris Xpedition UTV enthusiasts. Our platform is tailored exclusively to cater to the needs of Polaris Xpedition owners, making sure your UTV performs at its best and showcases its unique aesthetics. Founded by ardent off-roading aficionados, we share your passion for adventurous rides and nature exploration through the power of the Polaris Xpedition.

We believe that shopping for your Xpedition's parts and accessories should evoke the same thrill as piloting it. With our unwavering commitment, you're guaranteed top-quality products combined with a seamless shopping journey. Our specialized selection focuses solely on the Polaris Xpedition, offering replacement parts, enhancements, and exclusive accessories. From crystal-clear windshields to rugged tires, powerful winches to state-of-the-art protective gear, Everything Polaris Xpedition is your ultimate destination.

Our intuitive catalog allows you to sift through products tailored specifically for the Polaris Xpedition, ensuring impeccable compatibility. Delivering unparalleled customer service, you can expect swift shipping and hassle-free returns with us. Dive into the world of Polaris Xpedition today and traverse the terrains with trust, knowing we’re right beside you on every expedition.

Our Deep Roots in the Offroad/Overlanding Parts and Accessory Market

We planted our flag in the UTV market way back in 2010. Labeling our history as mere "experience" would truly be downplaying it. We reminisce the times when the Yamaha Rhino, Ranger 700, and RZR 800 were the show stealers. Yeah, you guessed it—we’ve been around the block. With age, we’ve garnered unparalleled experience and insights. Since our inception, over 500,000 UTV aficionados have chosen us for their accessory needs. With our ownership and management boasting a whopping combined UTV experience of over 100 years, we proudly wear our age as a badge of honor. Our mission? To offer Side by Side Source as your ultimate destination for UTV parts and accessories. Every day, we push boundaries, cherishing our customers and team for joining us on this exhilarating journey. Your trust fuels our passion, so a massive THANK YOU to you!

Accessories customize your Xpedition but parts keep it moving!

Adventure, after all, doesn't come with a pause button. And when you're out on the trails or diving deep into overlanding, the last thing you'd want is a breakdown. This is where our vast array of replacement parts comes to the rescue. Whether it's the spark plugs that ignite your journey, the clutch cables that seamlessly transfer power, or the headlights that illuminate your path, our store has got you covered.

We pride ourselves on stocking parts that not only match but often surpass the quality of O.E.M components, and yet are competitively priced. So, when you think of keeping your Xpedition running flawlessly, think of us. We're not just about accessories; we are about ensuring every ride is a memory, uninterrupted. Because at Everything Polaris Xpedition, we believe accessories customize, but parts vitalize!