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All New 2024 Polaris Xpedition- The UTV Game has changed!

Polaris introduced the all-new adventure side-by-side, the Polaris XPEDITION. Designed for outdoor and offroad enthusiast that almost functions as Jeep and can go about anywhere. With tons of innovations on board, such as, modular folding seats, and unique storage solutions, it ensures users are always prepared for any offroad experience. The XPEDITION has all the comforts you would expect from a luxury truck, even an enclosed cab, featuring heat and air conditioning and soft and comfortable seats. For the best ride the Xpedition comes equipped with FOX® suspension, GPS mapping from RIDE COMMAND, and top-tier JBL® Audio. Built for off-road hoss, it's designed to go beyond regular trailheads into the backcountry with massive storage capacity, super milage range, capabilities to navigate obstacles with a smooth ride, and power to tackle any riding area. The Polaris XPEDITION is also versatile in whatever riding style suits you, ideal for getting to activities in the middle of nowhere like camping, mountain biking, kayaking, hunting, trial riding, and going uptown to dinner. The RIDE COMMAND system enhances the off-road experience, allowing users to discover new trails, engage in group rides, and plan their adventures effectively.

Our Old Roots in the Offroad UTV Market

We planted our flag in the UTV market way back in 2010, when the Yamaha Rhino was in vogue (LOL). Labeling our history as mere "experience" would truly be downplaying it. We reminisce about the times when the Yamaha Rhino, Ranger 700, and RZR 800 were the show stealers. Yeah, you guessed it—we’ve been around the block. With age, we’ve garnered so much insight into what our customers want and need while purchasing the UTV accessories. Since our inception, over 500,000 UTV customers have chosen our company for their accessory needs. With our ownership and management boasting a combined UTV experience of over 100 years, we proudly wear our age as a badge of honor. Our mission? To offer Xpedition owners with the ultimate shopping, shipping, and quality for their UTV parts and accessories. Your trust fuels our passion, so a massive THANK YOU to you!

Accessories To Customize your Xpedition

So you just bought a new Xpedition and now you want to make it fit your lifestyle and family’s needs and hobbies, well we got you covered my friend! We sell just about anything that you need to customize your Xpediton to your geophagy, hobby, or liking. For example, you want to ride your new UTV on the road and adhere to all the local laws, we got your back….we carry street legal kits to make that happen. We have literally more than any other site online for Xpeditions, gauges, racks, coolers, lights, tires, wheels and tons more!!

We pride ourselves on stocking parts that not only match but often surpass the quality of O.E.M components, and yet are competitively priced. So, when you think of keeping your Xpedition running flawlessly, think of us. We're not just about accessories; we are about ensuring every ride is a memory, uninterrupted. Because at Everything Polaris Xpedition, we believe accessories customize, but parts vitalize!

Common Xpedition Questions:

Are there any aftermarket accessories on the market yet for Xpedtion?

Yes, tons. We carry over 5K+ accessories for the Xpedition and more coming online each month. Many Brands are model specific accessories such as DRT, SuperATV, AKJ Offroad, WD Electronics and more!

What are the most common Accessories to add to Xpedition?

It all depends on what your main hobby (s) are, but our most popular are: Rear Cargo Racks, Light Bars, Gun Mounts and Racks, Xpedition Snow Plow, and a-arm guard and skid plates.

How Many Miles will my Polaris Xpedition last?

The Xpedition is very new, launched in 2024, so there is not a lot of data yet, but most Polaris UTV’s can easily run 20,000+ miles, and many even reaching 50K+ miles in some cases.

Can I put a lift kit on a Polaris Xpedition?

Yes, there are many Xpedition lift kits on what market such as S3 2” lift kit, SuperATV 3” lift kit, Turner Cycle 6” lift kit, to mention a few!

How do I get more stability with my Xpedition?

A long travel kit can offer up to 8” wider wheel base and often times increases the clearance by multiple inches as well.