Pull yourself out or pull someone else out with these sturdy Polaris Xpedition Winches. We offer a variety of winches designed to get you unstuck and back on track. Choose from winches with superior pulling capacities, ranging from reliable 2,500 lb models to powerful ones exceeding 6,000 lb. Whether you prefer synthetic rope for its lightweight handling or steel cable for added durability, we have the perfect winch for your adventure. Most winches include wireless remotes for convenient operation, and select models boast features like rapid rope retrieval for faster recovery. Don't let getting stuck slow you down - equip your Polaris Xpedition with a winch and power through anything.

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Factors To Consider When Shopping For Polaris Xpedition Winches

Here are some key factors to consider:

Pulling Capacity

This refers to the maximum weight a winch can pull. Consider the typical situations you encounter. For light-duty recovery on moderate terrain, a 2,500 lb winch might suffice. Opt for a winch exceeding 4,000 lb for steeper inclines or heavier vehicles. Remember, pulling capacity decreases with uphill inclines and winch line extension. Ensure you don't exceed the towing limit of your Xpedition model.

Winch Line & Control

Choose between synthetic rope or steel cable. Synthetic rope is lighter, easier to handle, and floats in water, making it ideal for most situations. Steel cable offers superior strength for extreme pulling needs but can be heavier and more prone to fraying. Operating the winch from a safe distance is advisable, hence, we recommend getting winches that come with wireless remotes for convenience, especially during solo adventures.

Recovery Speed & Features

This refers to how quickly the winch can pull in its rope or cable. If time is of the essence during recovery situations, a winch with a faster retrieval speed is preferable. Several Polaris Xpedition winch models boast features that enhance functionality and convenience. These include waterproof construction for operation in any weather, automatic load-holding brakes for safety, or integrated fairleads for smoother rope operation.

Installation Compatibility

Ensure your winch is compatible with your Polaris Xpedition's mounting points and electrical system. Consider purchasing a winch mount designed for your UTV model for a seamless installation.

Type Of Winch

Electric Winches: These are the most popular choice for UTVs due to their affordability, ease of installation, and lower maintenance requirements. Electric winches come in various pulling capacities to suit your Polaris Xpedition, and many models boast features like wireless remotes and rapid rope retrieval for user-friendly operation.

Hydraulic Winches: These winches are powerhouses, particularly suited for frequent winching or pulling heavier loads. They leverage your UTV's hydraulic system for unmatched pulling force. However, hydraulic winches typically cost more than electric options, require professional installation, and may involve additional maintenance due to their reliance on the hydraulic system.