Winch Accessories

Don't let a stuck situation slow down your Polaris Xpedition adventures. Our comprehensive selection of winch accessories equips you to confidently handle any terrain. Find the perfect winch mount for seamless integration with your Xpedition, and choose from various high-strength hooks and synthetic ropes to tackle tough recovery jobs. We also carry essential winch accessories like rollers, thimbles, and tree savers to maximize winching power and protect your gear. Whether a seasoned off-roader or a weekend warrior, our Polaris Xpedition winch accessories ensure you're prepared to conquer any challenge.

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Buying Guide Winch Accessories

Winch Compatibility

First and foremost, ensure all your chosen accessories are compatible with your specific winch model and capacity. Double-check sizing and weight ratings to avoid compatibility issues during installation.

Winch Mount

The winch mount forms the foundation of your recovery system. Select a mount designed for the Polaris Xpedition, ensuring a secure and reliable fit that integrates seamlessly with your UTV's frame. Consider factors like winch capacity, desired mounting location (front, rear, or overhead), and ease of installation.

Strength and Durability

Off-roading can be unforgiving. Choose winch accessories built with high-strength materials like forged steel or Dyneema synthetic fiber. They should be able to withstand the pulling force of your winch and the demands of rugged terrain.


Consider the type of off-roading you do. If you frequently encounter mud, a roller fairlead can help prevent cable wear. For technical recoveries, a snatch block can double your pulling power. Factor in your needs and choose accessories that enhance your winching capabilities.

Ease of Use

Look for easy-to-install and use winch accessories, especially if you anticipate needing them in stressful situations. Quick-release components and ergonomic designs can make a big difference during a recovery.


Winching safety is paramount. Invest in a tree-saver strap to protect trees from damage and synthetic winch rope to minimize the risk of injuries compared to steel cable. Always follow proper winching procedures to ensure a safe and successful recovery.

Additional Features

Depending on your off-roading needs, explore additional features like wireless winch remotes for increased convenience and safety, winch dampeners to reduce cable strain, and hawse fairleads for smooth cable operation.

Get The Following Accessories

Winch Mount: Selecting the suitable mount establishes a solid foundation for your recovery setup. Consider factors like mounting location (front, rear, or both), ease of installation, and overall winch integration with your Xpedition's frame.

Winch Line: Synthetic ropes are becoming increasingly popular due to their lighter weight, superior strength, and lower risk of injury than traditional steel cables. Choose a rope with a breaking strength exceeding your winch's capacity for added safety.

Hooks and Shackles: Recovery hooks and shackles come in various strengths and styles. Opt for a hook or shackle with a working load limit exceeding your winch's capacity. Soft shackles, made from high-strength synthetic materials, are popular due to their ease of use and reduced risk of damage to your vehicle or surroundings.

Recovery Gear: Additional accessories like tree savers, winch dampeners, and rollers can significantly enhance your winching experience. Tree savers protect trees from damage while winching, dampeners reduce winching stress on your equipment, and rollers help guide the winch line for smoother operation.