Take your Polaris Xpedition's looks and ride quality to the next level with our lineup of wheels. We offer various options to perfectly match your riding style, tire, and lift kit setup so you can effortlessly conquer any terrain. Choose from strong and lightweight designs built for superior handling and durability. Upgrade your Xpedition's look with various sizes and finishes, letting you personalize your machine. All our wheels are designed for a perfect fit and have the hardware for a seamless installation. Don't settle for stock - unleash the potential of your Xpedition with a bold new set of wheels.

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Factors To Consider When Shopping For Polaris Xpedition Wheels

Wheel Size & Offset

Larger wheels offer increased ground clearance and better handling. However, they can also affect your UTV's center of gravity and power delivery. As you shop, consider the size of the wheels you want to install on your UTV. Offset refers to the placement of the mounting hub relative to the wheel's centerline. A zero offset keeps the wheels centered within the fender wells. Positive offset pushes them outwards for a wider stance, while negative offset tucks them inwards for a more aggressive look. Choose the offset that complements your desired handling and appearance.

Terrain and Riding Style

To conquer rough trails and rocky landscapes, prioritize solid and lightweight wheels with aggressive tread patterns on your tires. Select deep-dish wheels with larger offsets to provide superior clearance for mud terrains. Opt for mud tires with deep lugs for optimal traction. On the other hand, for cruising on smoother surfaces like dunes or desert trails, prioritize lightweight wheels for enhanced speed and handling. Consider all-terrain tires that offer a good balance of on- and off-road performance.

Material & Aesthetics

Wheels are often constructed from materials like aluminum alloy, steel, or both. Aluminum offers a lightweight and stylish option, while steel is known for its strength and affordability. With various finishes and styles available, consider how the wheels will complement the overall look of your Xpedition. Choose a design that reflects your personal preference and complements your riding style.


Consider setting aside a decent amount of money you're willing to splurge on wheels - the nice wheels you wish you had on your Xpedition may cost you a decent amount.

Consider Getting These Wheels

Alloy Wheels: These are ideal for tackling challenging trails. Look for designs with aggressive treads for maximum traction on loose surfaces, mud, and rocks.

Beadlock Wheels: Beadlock wheels feature a locking ring that secures the tire to the rim, preventing them from separating during extreme maneuvers. 

Cast Aluminum Wheels: These stylish wheels offer an outstanding balance of strength and weight, making them ideal for smooth trails and cruising.

Machined Wheels: These eye-catching wheels boast a sleek, machined finish that elevates your Xpedition's aesthetics.

Steel Wheels: Steel wheels are incredibly durable and have a high weight capacity, making them perfect for hauling heavy loads.