Snow Plows

Grab these high-quality Polaris Xpedition snow plows to turn your ADV XP models into a winter warrior. These plows come in various blade sizes, from 50 inches for tight spaces to 72 inches for wide-open areas. Each plow boasts an adjustable skid plate to protect your machine and allows for smooth operation on any surface. The plow's central mount distributes force evenly, minimizing stress on your UTV. Many models offer easy-angle adjustment for precise snow removal, while some even feature hydraulic turning for effortless control. With these Polaris Xpedition snow plows, you'll be ready to keep your property clear of snow all season long.

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Factors To Consider When Shopping For Polaris Xpedition Snow Plows

Property Size and Snowfall

Measure your driveway, walkways, and any areas you plan to clear. This will help determine the ideal blade size. For tight spaces, a 50-inch blade offers maneuverability. Wider areas benefit from 60 or 72-inch blades for faster snow removal. Consider the average snowfall in your area. Heavy snowfall areas require a heavier plow with a reinforced blade for pushing through thick drifts.

Maneuverability and Control

Think about how much control you desire. Manual angle adjustment allows you to fine-tune snow direction, while hydraulic turning systems offer effortless control, especially for larger plows. Ease of use is essential, too. Plows with quick-attach mounting systems allow for faster installation and removal.

UTV Compatibility and Strength

Ensure the plow is compatible with your specific Polaris Xpedition model. Consider the plow's weight and construction. A heavier plow with a reinforced blade tackles tough jobs but might require a more powerful UTV. Choose a plow that complements your machine's capabilities. Heavy snowfall demands a robust plow. Look for blades made from high-strength steel or reinforced poly material to handle harsh conditions.

Adjustability & Mounting System

Look for a plow with an adjustable skid plate. This protects your UTV from uneven surfaces and allows for smoother operation. Consider plows with easy-angle adjustments. This lets you fine-tune how much snow you push to the side, maximizing efficiency and minimizing spills. Central mounts distribute weight evenly, minimizing stress on your UTV. Ensure compatibility with your specific Polaris Xpedition model.

Blade Size & Material

Choose from a range of sizes, typically from 50 inches for tight spaces and reaching up to 72 inches for broader areas. Steel plows offer maximum durability for heavy snow, while reinforced poly blades provide a lightweight and budget-friendly option for moderate snowfall.

Consider Your Budget

Snow plows range in price depending on size, features, and materials. Determine your budget beforehand to narrow down your selection. You should also think long-term. Will you need additional accessories like deflector kits or wear strips? Choosing a plow system with compatible add-ons might be a wise investment. 

Type of Snow Plow

Here's a breakdown of the most common types to help you find the perfect match:

Standard Plows: These workhorses are ideal for general snow removal. They come in various blade sizes, from compact 50-inches for tight spaces to expansive 72-inch blades for larger areas. 

Angled Plows: For more precise snow control, angled plows allow you to adjust the blade direction. This is perfect for pushing snow off to the side of driveways or walkways, creating neat piles. Manual or hydraulic adjustments are available, with hydraulic options offering effortless operation during long clearing sessions.

V-Plows: These V-shaped plows excel at pushing large volumes of snow. They effectively scoop and channel snow to the sides, making them ideal for clearing broad areas like parking lots or long stretches of road. V-plows are typically wider than standard plows, offering maximum snow removal per pass.