Shocks & Springs

Experience dramatically improving handling and control, whether navigating technical trails or cruising over smooth terrain. Our upgraded shocks deliver exceptional damping, reducing bounce and fatigue for a smoother ride. Heavy-duty springs provide increased stability and improved weight distribution, enhancing off-road capability and allowing you to tackle tougher challenges confidently. All shocks and springs are engineered to be a perfect fit for your Xpedition and constructed with high-quality materials for long-lasting durability. Don't let your suspension hold you back – upgrade your Polaris Xpedition today and experience the thrill of a truly optimized ride!

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Polaris Xpedition Shocks & Springs Buying Guide

Terrain & Riding Style

Consider the type of terrain you typically conquer. For aggressive off-roading, prioritize high-performance shocks with adjustable settings for maximum control. Comfort-oriented shocks might be more suitable for smoother trails or recreational riding.Do you prefer a plush ride or a more aggressive handling experience? Softer springs prioritize comfort, while stiffer springs offer better handling and stability at higher speeds.

Shock Type & Adjustability

Explore options like coil-over shocks with adjustable reservoirs for maximum control or monotube shocks for a balance of performance and affordability. Consider shocks with adjustable compression and rebound settings. This lets you fine-tune the suspension for your specific riding style and terrain.

Spring Rate & Lift Height

Choose a spring rate that matches your vehicle's weight and intended use. Stiffer springs can improve handling but may compromise comfort on smoother terrain. If you desire increased ground clearance for tackling obstacles, consider a combination of lift springs and compatible shocks to maintain proper suspension travel. If you prefer to keep the stock ride height, choose standard-height springs and shocks to match your Xpedition's original specifications. However, a significant lift can affect handling and may require additional modifications.

Compatibility & Installation

Ensure the shocks and springs you choose are specifically designed for your Polaris Xpedition model year. This guarantees optimal performance and a perfect fit. Some shocks and springs are easier to install than others. If you're uncomfortable with DIY installation, factor in professional installation costs.

Budget & Brand

Shocks and springs come in a variety of price ranges. Determine your budget and prioritize features that matter most to you - and only shop from brands that are known for making quality products that improve your ride’s performance. You should also consider customer reviews and warranties when making your final decision.

Handling and Control

Do you crave sharper handling and improved control? Upgraded shocks with adjustable dampening allow you to fine-tune the suspension for optimal performance on any terrain. Are you looking for a smoother and more comfortable ride? Choose shocks with improved damping and softer springs for a luxurious feel on even the bumpiest trails.