Bumpers and Brush Guards

Protect your Polaris Xpedition and conquer any terrain confidently when you outfit your ride with our top-tier bumpers and brush guards. They are designed to shield your Xpedition XP and ADV from off-road obstacles and enhance its rugged appeal. We offer various bumper styles to suit your needs, whether you require heavy-duty winch bumpers for adventures or a stylish upgrade for everyday use. Our bumpers and brush guards are constructed from durable materials and come in various finishes to seamlessly integrate with your Xpedition's style. With a perfect fit and easy installation, you'll be ready to tackle any trail with peace of mind. Shop now!

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Buying Guide Polaris Xpedition Bumpers and Brush Guards

Here's a breakdown of key aspects to ponder

Level of Protection

Know the type of terrain you typically encounter. If you primarily navigate moderate off-road paths, a lighter-duty option might suffice. However, heavy-duty bumpers and brush guards are crucial for tackling challenging trails and rocky environments. Consider the areas you want to safeguard. Full bumpers offer comprehensive protection, while brush guards focus on specific areas like the front grille and headlights.

Material and Construction

Opt for bumpers and brush guards made from materials like steel or aluminum for maximum protection against impacts. Consider lighter options like nylon to balance strength and weight savings, especially if extensive off-roading isn't your primary purpose. Remember, heavier materials provide superior protection but can add weight to your Polaris Xpedition.

Style and Finish

Choose a style that complements your Xpedition's overall look from sleek and subtle to aggressive and bold. Select a finish that aligns with your taste and your vehicle's existing components. Popular choices include powder coating, polished metal, and black textured finishes.

Installation & Compatibility

Some bumpers and brush guards require minor modifications, while others offer bolt-on simplicity. Consider seeking professional assistance if needed. Ensure the bumpers and brush guards you choose are specifically designed for your Polaris Xpedition model year. Improper fitment can compromise protection and aesthetics. Double-check product specifications or consult with a retailer to guarantee compatibility. Select bumpers with designated winch mounting points if you plan to mount a winch on your Xpedition. This ensures proper winch placement and functionality.

Type of Bumper

Full Bumpers: Full bumpers shield your Xpedition's front and rear, offering the most extensive coverage against frontal impacts and brush encounters. They are typically constructed from robust steel or aluminum for maximum durability.

Brush Guards: Brush guards protect the front grille, headlights, and fenders from brush, debris, and minor impacts. They are often crafted from steel or aluminum tubing, balancing strength and weight.

Tube Bumpers: These tube-shaped bumpers offer a blend of protection and visual appeal, featuring a tubular design that guards your Xpedition's front or rear end.

Bull Bars: Bull bars are designed for extreme off-road use, featuring a solid bar that extends further forward than traditional bumpers, offering superior protection against frontal impacts.